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The Gakuen Alice Community

September 18th, 2011

GA aiueo book @ 11:10 am

Gakuen Alice aiueo book is now available for pre order on amazon.co.jp

There is nothing much to add that wasn't already said previously in icecelestial post about it, but I will repeat again: it costs 980jpy and shall be released on October 20th in Japan.

The extra info provided by amazon which surprised me a bit was the page count: there are only 32 pages!

Just a question: could someone explain what 'aiueo books' are? My instincts tells me it might be a children book to learn the alphabet...? Or is my way of thinking too simplistic? ^^;
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Date:September 20th, 2011 06:21 am (UTC)
its finally out(preorder)!!! almost a month before the actual release date!!!
thanks for posting this cutesherry!!!

hmmm... i never gave it much thought.. aeiou!?
i guess each picture in the book might have something to do with the hiragana.
i even did a google search and the only thing i found were a couple of children aeiou books.

i need an answer too.... XC .
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Date:September 20th, 2011 07:04 am (UTC)
ooh, the amazon.jp article was updated since the last time I checked it, now they added a 'product description' part!

-->イラスト内に隠された言葉を探す遊び心いっぱいの「あいうえお絵本」と、大好きな人のためにベアが一生懸命文字を覚えるハートフル短編「ベアのふしぎな笹の葉」の2作品を収録。贅沢な絵本です。 2011年10月刊。

-->(google translate) The playful look for the hidden words in the illustration "Aiueo books," said Short Heartfelt hard to remember the characters for those who love the Bear "Bear bamboo leaves strange" recorded two works. Lavish picture books. Monthly October 2011.

--> (babelfish translation) While illustrating play heart full “aiueo picture book” which searches the word which is hidden and, the heart full where the bear with utmost effort remembers letter for favorite the person recording “2 works of the leaf of the strange bamboo grass of compilation bear” shortly. It is the luxurious picture book. 2011 10 monthly.

Well, the online translation are both a bit messed up but I guess it gives an idea, more or less...?


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